Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Items!

Hello everyone, it's been FOREVER, I know! Nobody checks this blog I'm sure, but I have decided to take up an old hobby of making some bracelets and other projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed making a few gifts lately and would really like to get back into making and selling them for those of you who like sweet little accessories :) Don't forget Christmas is coming and there are lots of little girls who would love a precious bracelet from mommy and daddy. I am going to post pictures and prices of some new things that I've enjoyed making lately. Please remember that anything you see is customizeable by size and also you can change things up and request custom items any time. Thanks for your support, I really need to sell some bracelets to fund our cloth diaper stash for both Jeanine and the new baby. It's for a really good cause!

Dressy white freshwater pearls and silver balls. Great for weddings or church! $17

Pink Freshwater large pearls, best for over 1 year old or so. $15

Precious tiny pink freshwater pearls, great for under 1 year old, or just for something delicate and sweet on your toddler. $12

Picture to come...

Small placemat diaper bag, great for the few items you need for the church nursery or a quick outing! Also makes a super fun purse for a child. $20, you supply any cloth placemat and I will make your bag, adding matching handles and fun accents.

Baby Leg warmers! Great for winter underneath skirts on little ones, or as little girl arm warmers. You supply knee length adult socks and I will turn them into your leg/arm warmers. Single pair $5 or 3 pack for $12. If you don't want to supply your own, specify colors and/or patterns you are looking for and I will try to accomodate, $6/pair, or 3/$20

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